New to Cloth Nappies?

Why we recommend cloth...

The average amount of nappies needed for a child from birth to 3 years old is 6000. If disposable nappies cost 50c each, it would cost around $3000! And thats only for one Child!!


If you decided to switch to cloth nappies, we recommend 24 nappies for full time use. If you paid $25 each, it would cost a total of $600! 


Worried about the extra time and cost to wash them? Statistics show that on average it only costs an extra $100 per year and only 10 more minutes of your time per day.


That's massive savings for both your pocket and the planet! #makelaundrynotlandfill


Because we are lowering our prices to be more affordable for our customers, you can make it even easier on your pockets! Grab 24 of your favourites for as little as $384!

Now that's huge savings!