See why our customers LOVE BumCheeks

"I picked up some BumCheeks second hand from a friend. I hadn't heard much about them, I just thought the colours were pretty and I was keen to try out a new brand of modern cloth nappies. I was pleasantly surprised by how great these nappies are! They are super absorbent, the minky is bright and fun, and the inners are lovely and soft against my babies skin. Since then I have purchased more BumCheeks (new and used) and have always been happy." - Isla

"Bcheeks are by far my fave osfm nappy. They were my first in cloth and i have tried lots since and always rely on bcheeks. These new version jeans nappies are to die for Perfect fit. Gorgeous looking and awesome functionality. Im just as in love as always and would recommend them to everyone!!" - Linzee

"BumCheeks are by far my most favourite brand of nappy! the one size design means that i do not have to buy new nappies when my baby grows! cute colours and nice trim fit! prefect for heavy wetters and night time use. " - Becca

"This is by far the best nappy that I have ever used! designed by a work at home mum these nappies are made from quality fabrics and are very absorbent! unlike most other nappies they are not at all bulky. Great customer service from the owner of the business. I found a small fault and she replaced the nappy within days. VERY HAPPY!" - Kylie

"These nappies are by far the best ones I have used on my baby girl and are now the only ones I use on her, all the others have gone to the bottom of the stash. They are really well made, come in gorgeous colours and are extremely absorbent. The customer service I received from BumCheeks was amazing and I got a really great deal when I bought my big bulk lot. I can’t fault theses nappies, I love them!" - Sarah

"Really happy with my Bumcheeks nappy, rarely have any leaks and my son is a very heavy wetter. They also dry really quickly" - Alison

"We LOVE our BumCheeks Jean nappy So stylish and trim i only wish i new about these nappies before i spent money on other nappes!!!!!!!! If we have a 3rd baby i’ll deffinatly be topping my stash up with these nappies" - Lynette

"Super absorbant, and minky is cute. My BumCheeks are my workhorses - I love them. We've had no leaks and they are a good fit for both my chunky monkey and skinny boys" - Renee

"These r the BEST! Highly recommend they have great absorbency and I found it great that they were just as great with my son as they were with my daughter. Have a large range of snaps so can b used from 4kgs. I found this perfect as I used disposables until bub was 6 weeks" - Nicci

"A good nappy that won't let you down. Perfect nappy for the bargain hunter! I have used many diffferent nappies and these nappies are reliably absorbant, only a few leaks when used for more than 4 hours. The wash well and dry quickly ( I hang them on clothes airer inside in a sunny spot as I live in colder climate). Quality is good. Sizing isnt as generous a I would like. There are better nappies out there but they cost alot more." - Pip

"These are a really great nappy all round. Our bub is a bit cheeky and likes to take Velcro nappies off, so the snaps on bum cheeks help keep the nappy secure. We have had issues with osfm nappies before, but these fit wonderfully. As our little one is quite tall, we are already on the biggest rise setting at 10mths, but hopefully we will be on it for a while!
The colours are cute and they are easy to wash. They take a little longer to dry because they have a built in microfibre layer, but they are a wonderful work horse nappy. Highly recommend!" - Lauren

"I am a long-time fan of B Cheeks. I love the fit on both of my boys, the fact that one nappy can fit my newborn and 2.5 year old is fanastic. The colours and designs are so cute. The booster insert is very absorbent and no leaks either which is great! They also wash up really well, I've got one's that have been used for 2 years and they are still going strong." - Amy

"Great sizing we also use them as a night nappy because they are so absorbent. The first nappy I found that truly does fit from birth.Great colors and beautiful designs. Very happy." - Layla