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BumCheeks History

BumCheeks was created in 2009 by a stay at home Aussie mum to two beautiful babies.

I started using modern cloth nappies when my son was 6 months old. Unimpressed with the fit and quality of the nappies I began making my own. With the birth of my little girl I became more creative with styles and fabrics while showing a particular interest in funky design. By 2010 the BCheeks jeans nappy was created and has been a big hit ever since!

Every part of the BumCheeks design was carefully thought out and tested. I chose to use snaps rather than velcro as I found they lasted longer. Velcro tends to wear down quickly, especially when it is being washed so frequently. I also chose snaps for the rise settings to make my nappies to fit babies 4-16kg. Originally I chose to have a double layer of bamboo sewn into the nappies, but after testing, I found that it took far to long to dry, which is why I changed this to a double layer of microfibre sewn in, plus the bamboo fold over insert, giving you 6 layers of absorbency. Plus the design as a pocket nappy gives you the choice to add more layers for heavy wetters. Unimpressed with the fit of the nappies I had tried when I had first started using Modern Cloth Nappies, I found that they were too wide between the legs, which is why I have made my nappies to be as slim as possible. 


BumCheeks nappy design:-

Minky or cotton (for the look!)

 PUL (to stop the leaks)

 Bamboo fold over insert (removable, provides 4 layers of absorbency and the option to add more)

 Doubled over microfibre (2 more layers of absorbency)

 Super soft Suede cloth (for the stay dry feel and comfiness on bubs bottom)


"Gone are the days of using terry squares with pins, these days modern cloth nappies are the way to go."


 Our Factory

In 2010 business started to boom and it was no longer possible to sew all of the nappies myself, after careful consideration and alot of research I found an ethical factory in China that met the standards of quality and workmanship to continue my work. All the fabrics currently being used to manufacture nappies are made in China so it only made sense to have them made in the same place passing the savings onto my customers.

What this means for you!

Now you no longer have to wait for our nappies to be sewn, we have plenty in stock at affordable prices!



**UPDATE - 2017** New Ownership of BumCheeks Modern Cloth Nappies!


Hello BumCheeks lovers! My name is Bec, I am an Aussie mum of three boys Levi, Isaac and Caleb. I have always been behind the scenes here at BumCheeks but as of January 2017, I've had the keys passed onto me to take on BumCheeks without my beautiful friend Hollie!

I wanted to keep all of the information on this page about the history of BumCheeks, but to also give you all a little more to the story. 

When Hollie and I started using Modern cloth nappies, our sons were between 6 and 8 months old. She bought some, I bought some, and we discussed the things that we liked and didn't like about them and what we would change to make them better. Hollie, being the brains of the operation, decided to start making her own. She taught me how to sew them, although I wasn't quite as good at sewing as she was, but we had a lot of fun with different fabrics and designs. 

Once she had perfected the BumCheeks design, business began to boom and the orders became to much to keep up with, which is when we out sourced to a factory in China.

As the years have passed by and our babies have grown out of nappies, the demand for work, the kids school, Uni and life in general has taken over. Neither one of us wanted to see the end of this brand, so I have now taken the reigns and I am so excited to hopefully live up to my fabulous friends legacy! xx