New to Cloth?

Why we recommend cloth...

The average amount of nappies needed for a child from birth to 3 years old is 6000. If disposable nappies cost 50c each, it would cost around $3000! And thats only for one Child!!

If you decided to switch to cloth nappies, we recommend 24 nappies for full time use. If you paid $25 each, it would cost a total of $600! 

Worried about the extra time and cost to wash them? Statistics show that on average it only costs an extra $100 per year and only 10 more minutes of your time per day.

That's massive savings for both your pocket and the planet! #makelaundrynotlandfill

Because we are closing down you can make it even easier on your pockets! Grab 24 of your favourites for as little as $336!

Now that's huge savings!